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You can request a loan amount from
$10,000 to $100,000.

Whether you apply from your home computer or your smartphone, rest assured we take the safety of your information seriously. Along with high-level encryption, our process is confidential and secure.

New Capital also offers:

Applying Won't Hurt Your Credit


Rates as Low as 5.95%


Checking Your Rate is Free


Get Results Instantly


Receive funds in 24-48 Hours


No Hidden Fees or Surprises

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, loans through New Capital Financial are unsecured and do not require collateral.

Absolutely. There are no prepayment penalties and encourage our borrowers to repay their loan sooner to reduce interest charges.

Your interest rate will depend on a number of factors like credit history, income, your ability to make on-time payments and the term length.

You were pre-approved based on information from your credit report. We will evaluate the information you provide when you apply to establish if you meet specific creditworthiness requirements to be approved for the offer you received. If you no longer meet those requirements or if your credit score has recently dropped, you may not be granted credit. In addition, if you currently have inadequate income to sustain your loan payments, extend credit to you.

Personal loans have fair fixed interest rates, scheduled payments that won't change and a set payoff date. With variable-rate credit card debt, your interest could rise at any time. If you make minimum payments on your card balances, you don't make much progress on paying down the actual principal you owe, which means you could end up spending thousands of dollars of interest over time.